Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 67: Small and Simple Things

I am grateful for chips and guacamole.
And mini chocolate cadbury eggs.

Today, I just want to bear my testimony of a few principles:

We had a training by Elder Kacher of the Seventy on Tuesday. He talked about the role of faith in our lives. Faith is our trust in God. Obedience allows God to trust us. It's a cycle of trust that we influence completely. He also talked about one specific aspect of faith: mindset. 

We get our mission calls or assignments to callings, whatever it is, and immediately have preconceived notions. Salt Lake City is full of members, we'll never baptize. You'll freeze in North Dakota. You get the idea? That affects our mindset. Faith requires that we overcome that mindset of man and put our trust in the mindset of God. God's mindset says that our mission can double baptisms. God's mindset says that there are people prepared to receive the gospel in all parts of the world. That's what we need to start believing in and acting on.

How can we change our mindset? What miracles will we see if we switched a little more to God's mindset?

The worth of a soul.
We had a great talk by Sister Bourne in Stake Conference about this, and then we were asked to talk about the same subject in sacrament meeting right after. 

I know we are of infinite worth to our Heavenly Father. He loves us. He has done everything possible for us to live with Him again. I love the phrase in Preach My Gospel "do everything within your power." As we come to realize our own potential and worth, we gain a stronger testimony of the worth of each one we meet. CS Lewis said, "It is something to live in a society of potential gods and goddesses... No one you have ever met is a mere mortal." or something to that effect

When we realize just how important we are to Heavenly Father, we want to be sure others feel of that same worth. We stop putting single-word labels on complex children of God. We stop turning people away. We stop distancing ourselves from situations we think we already know. Instead, we seek to love, to give generously, and to lift, serve, and strengthen.

What will you do this week to let another know of their eternal worth?

The Lord knows us personally.
Thursday night we went on splits, and we just had an hour of miracles. 
We found a man who hadn't been to church in years who had prayed three days before we came and talked with him. He was just sitting outside on his motorcycle and we felt to go talk to him. He offered a prayer and the three of us were just in tears as he poured his heart out to God. He knew this was an answer to his prayer. 
We got to talk to our investigator's mom about her own baptism and Word of Wisdom struggles finally. She wants to be in the temple with her family one day. Her daughter is being baptized next Saturday. I just love that family.
We met a less-active woman who wants to work towards the temple since her daughter is being sealed in the Salt Lake temple in June. 
It was incredible. The Lord knew that I needed to know His Spirit was still working through me. He knew I needed to go be the answer to a prayer that night.

I know He is aware of our needs and the needs of all those around us.
Will we go out and be an answer to someone's prayer?

Favorite quote of the week: The gospel is the best part of me.
How true that is.

I love this gospel! I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today. I know that by living it, we will become closer to and more like our Heavenly Father every single day. I know He loves us. I know our Savior understands all that we experience. He will support us in everything.

Remember to smile and expect miracles!

Sister Holbrook

Alma 48:11-18 How can we be an example to others? How can we develop these qualities in ourselves?

Correlation in the Centerville South stake! I love our ward mission leaders. These are some of the best men this world has ever seen.

Me and Kaidence - an eight-year-old girl from Farmington who has had 2 heart transplants! She is my new hero. And she wants to go on a mission :) And we're having a sleepover in the summer haha. It was so fun to meet her and her family!

Sister Soelberg and I color coordinated on Sunday. Precious :)

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