Sunday, June 30, 2013

this is not about me

While I anxiously await for my call to be assigned, I bide my time reading talks and devotionals about missionary work and stalking missionary blogs.

In my searches today, I came across this quote that I just love. At the press conference following the announcement made by President Monson about the new missionary age requirements, Elder Holland said this:

"God is hastening His work and He needs more and more willing and worthy missionaries to spread the light and the truth and the hope and the salvation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to an often dark and fearful world... 
This isn't about you. 
It is about the sweet and pure message you are being asked to bear."

In all of the excitement of waiting for a call, of preparing to go out into the field, of all the questions of how it will actually be on the mission, or what will happen back at home while you're gone, or just not being able to sit still until you get out there, etc.
There is one thing that we all need to remember: This is NOT about me.

My decision to serve a mission is not about me.
This is about my Savior.
This is about the beautiful truths of this gospel.
This is about the fact that I know this is the true Church on the earth today.
This is about bringing my brothers and sisters back to Christ.
This is about serving my Heavenly Father who gives me so much every single day.
This is about wanting to help others find the peace and joy I have felt because of the love of my Savior.

This is not about me. It never was, and it never will be.
There's a quote that says something along the lines of "If the Church wasn't true, nineteen-year-old boys would have ruined it a long time ago."
This is the Lord's work. We are simply instruments in His hands. We always will be.
And He will not let us fail in this endeavor.
This is about bringing our eternal family back to our Heavenly Father's loving arms.

I could not be more excited, nor could I feel more blessed, to be a part of this incredible work.