Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 66: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22

First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes and birthday packages! I am so far behind on letters and thank you notes - sorry about that. Know that it has all been so appreciated.
There are so many things that happened this week, I don't even know where to begin.

Typical P-day events of running errands, then Zone activity at a member's home, then splits all night to cover our appointments. 

Mission leadership council meeting started at 7am with Elder Arnold of the Seventy. Thoughts from that:
  • God asks Adam in the garden of Eden "Where art thou?" (Genesis 3:9). In Moses 4:15, the wording is changed to say, "Where goest thou?" The Lord asks Adam these questions to give Adam an opportunity to account for his actions. What will we saw about where we are and where we are going?
  • Do everything in your power to help, lift, love, achieve, serve, etc.
  • Go out and be the answer to someone's prayer.
  • Every family has a bullseye target on them from Satan. We must do all in our power to help build multigenerational families of faith.
  • Obedience = joy. True story.
  • Motivated by covenants is a sign of true conversion.
  • Revelation comes when you're on the move. If that's what you want, then there's always help from above. The happy ones care more about the people than themselves. Connect then convert. -Gift of Tongues training videos
The rest of our day was followed by appointments, splits to help out some Sisters, and lots of phone calls.

The day I turned 22! Man, I'm old. 
As Sister Allen said, "Oh you're right! I can see the wrinkles!" Love that woman.
Other quote of the day: "Birthdays are weird. Don't congratulate me, congratulate my mom." -Sister Dickson
Accountability interviews with the zone leaders and President Hansen. I love that man.
Lunch with the Allen's!
Lots of appointments at our retirement/disability branch. Gotta love it.
Correlation meetings!
My companion made the cutest birthday card EVER. And the other Sisters decorated our apartment with sticky notes and got peppermint ice cream!! 
Best birthday ever :)

Best zone meetings ever. We're pumping some enthusiasm into this place!
Appointments all day and night and on splits and had a lunch and correlation and just a bit of typical craziness.
Woman calls because she saw the video my sisters made and wants to take us out to lunch. Her daughter has had 2 heart transplants and wants to serve a mission :) #happyheart
Started exchanges with the Spanish Sisters.

Sister Soelberg got food poisoning so we came to rescue her, but then Sister W had some weird heart things, so we left Sister Soelberg at home sleeping and took Sister W to the hospital. More craziness ensues the rest of the day.
Sister Bill and Sister LeSueur came up from Provo to take me out to lunch!!!! BEST DAY EVER. Where it all began in the heart of Bountiful: Nielsen's.
Awesome lesson about prayer with one of our less-active members. 
Last minute interviews with President Hansen.
Slightly distracted lesson with Ashley who's getting baptized on January 31st! 

Housing inspections, Sister Soelberg still has some stomach issues, took care of an emergency transfer, had a couple of lessons, went to dinner where their sister who hasn't been to church in years was present and we had a fantastic lesson with her!
Stake Conference was incredible. Always seek to be the person who will do everything possible to change someone's eternity.
Doctrine & Covenants 88. Incredible section about light, teaching, learning, the temple, and just about everything else.
The FOUR KEYS to sharing the gospel as taught by Elder Peter F. Evans of the Seventy:
  1. Love is something you DO. 
  2. The answer will come through the Spirit, but you've got to go. Act on promptings.
  3. Pray with faith, meaning you're willing to go forth and act.
  4. Never ever give up on these people. How long would you keep trying for your own family?
Young Women's lesson, four ward councils, taught a Young Men's lesson, went to part of sacrament meeting, almost got lost on our way to stake conference but President Hansen gave us directions, had an amazing Stake Conference (testimonies of Joseph Smith, tarry in the temple, the hastening on the work is real, the family is where the gospel must be taught, we choose what comes into our family), the Pham's taught us about the Word of Wisdom, lots of contacts, and rounded out the evening with some paperwork.

Left at 7am to take another Sister to meet with President and then to the airport. She's headed home early for medical reasons. So hard to say goodbye. She is an incredible missionary! BUT we did see a mass migration of about 50 missionaries come in from the MTC :) Baby missionaries! Then picked up Sister Weber to come to our zone! And we're finally emailing.

I know that God supports us in all that we do. He magnifies our capabilities beyond what we ever thought possible. I have seen that every moment of every single day this week. There is no way I could have done this on my own. He lifts, guides, strengthens, and comforts us as we continually give our best. I know He loves us. I know our Savior lives! I know this is His work. As we choose to come unto Him, the greatest joy will fill our hearts and minds and homes.

I love you all! Remember to smile! Miracles happen every day!

Sister Holbrook

The Patterns of Light video series is a great training by Elder Bednar in helping us to learn how we can recognize the Spirit in our lives.

Happy Birthday to me!! Sister Jolley brought me a cake, the Sisters got me cupcakes and ice cream. It was quite the celebration :)

At the hospital with Hermana W. Oh the adventures.

Goodbye Sister Tipton!! We love you! Me, Sister Tipton, Sister Cox, Sister Soelberg.

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