Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 64: White Christmas dreams do come true

We're going to do some daily play-by-plays for you all to enjoy.

Christmas Eve
Delivered packages to all of the Sisters in our zone while wearing our santa hats :)
Yes, we're adorable.
Left our mail bag at one of their homes which created some delivery issues... and then the zone leaders dropped off more mail for the ones we had already delivered to... 
All mail was delivered at some point during the day.
Went to the Arbuckle's for family brunch.
Met with a Bishop and his family.
Caroled for Grandma Morgan.
Made cookie jars with other ladies at the rest home.
Picked up, packed, and delivered Sub for Santa presents. Best thing ever!
Dinner with the Bradley's where we met their daughter going on a mission this week and the foreign exchange student from Norway. Good times.
Second dinner with the Moriyama's where I saw people who knew Sister Lwin again.
Finished up the night with a part-member family and their kids' adorable puppet show.

Christmas day
Woke up to a WHITE CHRISTMAS! Finally! It was fantastic and snowed all day :)
Brunch with the Holbrook's and Vogrenic's. 'Twas a blast.
Skyped with my adorable family at the Morris's! I have the best family in the entire world. For real.
Stopped by another part-member family we've been trying to get in to for a while. They let us right in, we crashed some family videos, watched He is the Gift, and got a return appointment. 
Waffles, Alfie Boe, and a Christmas message with the Randall's.
Picked up snow shovels from our senior couple then proceeded to shovel their driveway.
First time shoveling a driveway for Sister Soelberg :) So we shoveled a few others.
Dinner and Christmas message with the Grant's! 
Went with the Grant's daughter to the Klein's for puzzles and another Christmas message! Love them.
Miracle of Christmas:
We decide to drive up to our Stake President's house. However, his house is at the top of the mountain, it's been snowing all day, but the plows had been good at getting everywhere.
Needless to say, we got stuck.
Sister Soelberg got out and was shoveling tire tracks to finish getting up. Not the most successful attempts though.
One of the neighbors came out in shorts with a shovel and asked where we were going. We said we were about to turn around, and he refused to accept such an answer. He pushed, we shoveled, I floored the gas, and ultimately, we got up the hill. 
This whole time Sister Soelberg was able to talk with him. Turns out he's been inactive for years but is good friends with the Stake President's family. He accepted a return appointment, we said a prayer with him, and thanked him with some pie. 
As we told our Stake President about this experience, he was shocked. The family had had no interest for a long time and so they had never thought to send us over there.

Getting stuck in the snow isn't all that bad.

Exchanges with Sister Fluegel on Saturday was just a party. Everyone asked where we were from, then if we knew each other before, and then how we met. It was great! We had an amazing experience with a recent convert who asked us to come over out of the blue. She had been feeling depressed and didn't feel like she was feeling the joy anymore. We talked about going to the temple, and she and her husband are going at the beginning of the year! It is absolutely amazing to see how far this family has come in just a few short months.
THEN we had a lesson with Dillon, our investigator who is on-date to be baptized. He wants to move his baptismal date up and is completely prepared to do so! Why, you might ask? So he can go with the youth to do baptisms for the dead at the temple. This kid is just the best.

Sunday went like this.
6:45 Stake correlation meeting in Bountiful.
8:00 ward council in Bountiful, after getting lost in Bountiful church buildings and finding out about potential investigators
9:00 spoke in a Bountiful sacrament meeting
10:15 met with Centerville Stake President
10:50 spoke in Centerville sacrament meeting
12:20 taught Gospel Principles class in Bountiful
1:00 ward council in Bountiful and ran into someone from Mueller Park who moved to this stake!
phone calls and planning exchanges and such until
2:30 Young Women's class in Bountiful
Then the evening we had dinner with a less-active family and our ward mission leader before going on splits for two hours to meet amazing people. I was with Tori who is just the best person ever. We went to an appointment with a member's family members who are visiting for a few weeks. Their family is completely non-members, and they all accepted a return appointment and to take the lessons. It was absolutely incredible! We are seeing them again on Tuesday.

The storal of this mory is: miracles happen in every single day as we live worthy of them. Our Heavenly Father truly loves us! Remember to smile! Expect miracles! #ShareTheGift

I know Christ is our Savior. I know that because of His love and His Atonement, we can become perfect. I know that as we do what He has asked us to do, we can feel of His peace at all times, no matter our circumstances. 

Sister Holbrook

John 6: 5-13 Are we like the little lad who will faithfully turn over all their loaves and fishes to the Savior? The promise is that if we do so, He will magnify our offering more than we can imagine.

Merry Christmas from Sisters Soelbrook ;)

Exchanges with Sister Fluegel (also from Chicago)! Awful picture, but it's whatever.

White Christmas love.


Skyping with the family :)

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