Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week something: #SharetheGift

We moved this morning.
I'm exhausted. 
BUT it should be permanent. HOORAY!
Therefore, this email will be quite short.

New address is 35 S Cara Vella Lane Centerville, UT 84014

So Thanksgiving happened. We had 2.5 dinners, all delicious. It was a fabulous day to give thanks and to practice our abilities to eat large quantities of food. We enjoyed it quite a lot :)

If you haven't seen this video yet, you definitely should. 
Similar to the "Because of Him" video, the Church is really pushing to have this video shared with as many people as possible. Next Sunday, all of YouTube advertising will be this video. The video will be playing on the Times Square jumbotron. Temple Square is playing the video constantly as people come from all over the world to see the lights. The goal: everyone in the world is touched by the spirit of Christ this Christmas season.

The message shared is so powerful: what is the meaning of Christmas and how can we better remember that reason? I love the three invitations at the end:
discover the gift, embrace the gift, and share the gift.

I invite each of you to personally consider what you can do this season to discover, embrace, and share the gift. These are invitations to everyone, not just members of the Church. We all need to feel of the love of our Savior in greater abundance. What better way to feel His love than to share it with others.

We ran into a group of three older gentlemen walking their dogs this week. We went to talk to them about "He is the Gift." One of them was uncomfortably avoiding us. The other just looked at us and said religion tears apart people and walked away. But the third guy just started talking with us - he told us he wasn't interested and never has been and that he would smoke while he talked with us, but that he appreciated what we were doing. We asked if he knew of anyone who needed help, and he asked that we go share some holiday cheer with one of his friends in the area. He gave us the name and address for his friend and we parted ways. 

It's amazing to see how there are so many good people in the world. As we all work together to share the love of our Heavenly Father with others (and maybe they do it without knowing), miracles happen. We all need the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ordinances of salvation, such as baptism and the temple ordinances, but we can still love and respect each other and work together to make the world a happier place.

Man, I just love the gospel! I love being able to interact with Heavenly Father's children every single day! 

In closing, here's how our Sunday went:
-combined meeting where the Bishop unknowingly called us up to share the "He is the Gift" video.
-meeting where we left not feeling the best...
-homecoming talk for the Smith's! The housing coordinators who continually saved my life down in Salt Lake. We are so blessed to have them in our area. Elder Smith shared how they actually did learn a new language - Tiwi, pinkwash, textis, etc. Sister Blankenship and I were dying laughing, and the rest of the congregation was quite confused.
-another ward's guest speaker totally forgot, so we got to take over the meeting for thirty minutes with technology problems, spur of the moment scriptures, and Sister Blankenship and I having way too much fun with the whole situation. 
-one last sacrament meeting where the sandman decided to continually poor sand on poor Sister Blankenship's head. 
-talked about family history and were fed plenty of pie and popcorn
-visited with our ward mission leader and helped his family put ornaments on the Christmas tree :)
-Sister Blankenship and I talked with President Hansen for our BYU endorsement interviews!

I love you all dearly! Thank you for your faith, love, support, prayers, tears, laughs, and everything you've been through with me! I am so grateful for my friends and family who have been there with me every step of the way.

Remember to smile!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! hehe we can say that now :) 

Sister Holbrook
Alma 26:22

If you haven't seen the video my family made, you definitely should. Just ask Rachel about it. (The link is

Ok, this email was far too long.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! We love helping put up Christmas decorations :)

Goodbye to Grandma Stratton's home. Our heaven on earth.

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