Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 58: Wassail and Coughing

Top of the temple, Moroni speaking.

I contracted para-influenza this week, more commonly known as croup.
Not fun.

And so it is with a manly voice, a throbbing chest, and a British accent (because it's easier to talk in a British accent that uses the front of your mouth than an American one that uses your throat more) that I come to you all today for a short note to say I'm alive.

Wednesday I was feeling quite ill, so I called the heart doctors and they told me come in via emergency room so they could make sure my heart was fine. Five pokes, 12 vials, and liter of fluids later, they came in to say they wanted to watch me overnight just to be sure, but that the blood tests were positive for paraflu, or the croup. hooray....

So Sister Blankenship and I called our mission president. And then I called my family. Which was super awkward - how on earth do you announce yourself to your own family?! And then I got a blessing from the greatest mission president on the face of the earth. And Sister Blankenship and I had some bonding moments. And we went to sleep. We were out of there early the next afternoon. 

Sister Blankenship and I became pretty good friends this week, if you couldn't already tell. Mostly because, you know, we only have each other. Weird to be in a normal companionship. We had some good contacts and discussed what movie characters we would be. We've come to the general consensus that we're the awkward ones in the background that everyone loves. Beware the grooove....

Other highlights:
We went to the temple yesterday!
We found the best hot chocolate this side of the Mississippi or really on any side of the Mississippi and it's only 99 cents. #happinessinacup
A dog sang "Silent Night" to me. Not well, but still. Impressive.
Wise turtles. Man. They are the best.
IT SNOWED!!! YAY!!! #almostchristmas

We also had a 10-Stake Training with Elder Chidester of the Seventy and President Hansen, our mission president. Wow. They talked about the roles of high councilman and of ward mission leaders. They also talked about how our focus must be on ordinances and covenants for people. Sometimes, we all get too caught up in the programs and details of the gospel. This gospel is simple. We need to help people understand the basic doctrines of the gospel so they can progress in making covenants and receiving ordinances so they can return to live with their Heavenly Father. It's that simple! 

We're doing a 40 day fast in the stake to find 2 families who can be baptized by Christmas. It's been cool to see each ward take it a little differently - we have a few wards who are doing the whole 40 days with just their ward and a few wards who are having lots of families on their assigned days. It's awesome :) #whitechristmas

The gospel is true! I love you all! Remember to smile and find the good in every situation. 
Miracles happen!!! 

Sister Holbrook

PS I'm fine now. Promise.

3 Nephi 26:9

Man, I love my companion and her southern ways.

Our lovely hospital room.

After the temple!!

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