Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 57: What just happened?

I have literally no desire to email today. 
It's almost Christmas!! That's exciting.
We did a lot of family history this week. 
We raked leaves with a lot of people too.
We took Sister Schrock to the airport on Saturday. It was a little weird

Sunday was full of craziness. We went to a ton of meetings for different wards, then there were two Primary Programs that were fabulous and adorable :) One kid's line was "I love my dad because he gives me treats and teaches me Primary songs." Then we had double booked appointments all night. And we had a Veterans' Honor Fireside which was pretty incredible. 

All right, since I literally have nothing to share right now, I'll tell you all about my companion! Sister Blankenship is from the south, she LOVES Christmas, and she is just a ball of sunshine :) She served in this area a year ago and is having a blast reconnecting with people she taught last year. She's the youngest of 5. And basically, she's a boss at being a missionary. She's better at quoting movies than I am, and she appreciates the Amy Grant Christmas CD as much as I do.

Thought for this week: You never know when a church meeting will change someone's life. It could be a Relief Society lesson, a sacrament meeting talk, a comment made, or a hug. Some people are at church for the first time. Some are going through the motions. Some love every single second of it. And some are giving church one last shot. What will we do to create the environment where everyone who enters a church building will feel the love of the Savior? What preparation will we put in to be sure that the Spirit touches their hearts?

I love you all!! Remember to smile and expect miracles :) Because they really do happen!!

Sister Holbrook

Hebrews 6:10-13

Last companionship picture before Sister Weber headed to Layton and Sister Bill finished!

With Sister Schrock just before we took her to the airport. We went to Temple Square with her for a few minutes. Oh, and Sister Blankenship, my current companion :)

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