Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 42: Pioneer Day and Burmese Lessons

This has been an interesting week of miracles and trials. I am so grateful for the lessons I learn every single day here in the Wells Stake. It has been one of the most challenging times of my mission and life in general, and the growth of faith and testimony over these past several months is something I would never trade. I know the gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that no matter our challenges, the gospel of Jesus Christ will help us through those trials, if we will only choose to obey and turn to our Heavenly Father.

Megan has been coming to church almost every week for the past year or so. She and her husband both grew up atheist in Indiana. She was drawn in by the sense of community and service, but mostly because of an experience her brother had with some members of the Church out in Indiana coming to help remove a tree that fell on his house. It was an amazing lesson. It's a different experience to teach someone who has no concept of who God is or that He even exists. She's finally reached a point where she can acknowledge the idea that someone is out there, and she does pray every day! We had a short visit with her learning about her background, but we were able to testify and share experiences when we have seen God's hand in our lives.
I know God is our Father. I know He lives! I know He loves us. I know this gospel is His plan for what we need to do to return to live with Him.
Moral of the story: go out and serve because you never know who's life you are changing.

Exchanges with Sister Taylor was how I spent my Pioneer Day! So no parade. But lots of teaching appointments and meeting with their golden investigators. Such a great day! I love Sister Taylor so much, and she answered basically every single one of my questions that I didn't even realize I had until I was with her. I am so grateful for missionaries who know more than I do and for all the lessons that I learn from them. 

Sunday. I know I've been threatening for a while, so I'm just going to give you a power recap of how our Sunday went yesterday.

Up at 6:20 for zone conference call/morning prayer. 
All three of us showered and ready to go by 7:24. Dropped Sister Banaña off with a split at Whittier ward council. Sister Lwin and I went to Belvedere ward council. Where I saw some Mueller Park people! Crazy coincidences. Got a ride from the Plastow's, the Jefferson ward mission leader, to the McKinley ward which starts at 9am. Sister Lwin stayed at Belvedere, and Sister Banaña went and taught the Whittier Young Women's lesson. 
After the first hour of meetings, Sister Banaña got a ride over to the Temple View retirement branch, and me and Sister Lwin stayed in our wards. For the third hour, Sister Lwin and Sister Banaña stayed where they were, and I went from the first five minutes of sacrament meeting in one ward to the ward council of the Jefferson ward with the Relief Society president there. 
The Plastow's then gave me a ride back to Belvedere, I picked up Sister Lwin, we drove to get Sister Banaña, went home for 12 minutes where I opted for a nap and they chose lunch. 
Then it was off to the McKay ward where I dropped my two companions off and the Plastow's came back to pick me up again to actually go to Jefferson ward. I was roped into playing for Primary during ward council, so I played piano and had a blast with sharing time. And three of our investigators were there, too! Then had the Primary President walk me to Gospel Principles where I was then companions with one of the service missionaries. Then to sacrament meeting where I had been asked to lead the music. After sacrament meeting, the Plastow's again (oh how I love them. Dad - he actually reminds me of you a bit!) drove me back to McKay ward where I picked up my companions and then we drove to Sister Sina's home for our dinner at 4:30.

And that's just the meetings of the day.

Faith. I learn about faith every single day. On the last page of chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel (page 126), there is an activity to evaluate where you're at in various Christlike attributes. One of the statements you rate yourself on says, "I have enough faith in Christ to accomplish anything He wants me to do - even miracles if necessary." Sister Lwin has that faith, and it has been amazing to see what follows. If we truly believe in the promises of the Lord and then give our all for Him, He blesses us in ways that we can't even begin to imagine.

My time is up. The gospel is true! This is a life of happiness, even in times of trial and growth. I love being a missionary! I love you all! Keep on smiling and finding those miracles :)

Sister Holbrook

Alma 7:22-24
Helaman 3:35

Sister Banaña, Sister Lwin, and me! The terrific trio :) 

Burmese lessons when no one showed up to our Book of Mormon study group.

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