Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 14: Home is Where the Heart Is... and that's Mueller Park

Best news in the world: I'M STAYING IN MUELLER PARK! At least for another six weeks :)
Heavenly Father is so kind to me.
I will also be training so I have zero clue as to who my new companion is until tomorrow afternoon. Oh the adventures of missionary life. I love it so much. 

We got a new Stake Presidency yesterday, and I am so excited to be staying to work with them! I am lucky enough to know all of them, and I cannot wait to see what their vision for this new year will be.

Two fantastic quotes from Stake Conference this weekend:
"Don't just say love; DO love." -Elder Evans
"The essence of the gospel is to keep ON, not to keep UP." -Elder Stanley G. Ellis

I am officially 21 years old. Weird. I'm getting old. 
I made myself sticky buns, someone hung up an awesome birthday sign. It was a good morning :)
Then we went to zone conference where we learned all about the new Standard of Excellence for the missions, some new key indicators, and amazing trainings on meaningful prayers, bearing testimony, and continually reaching our goals. 
Our mission motto: We improve every day, week, month, and transfer!
So can you! :)

That night we had a meeting with all of the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders about the vision for missionary work in the Stake. This area is just exploding right now, and I am so blessed to be able to be here to witness it all happening!! We discussed some ideas in teaching opportunities and a few of the goals the stake has. Each ward will be providing 2 lessons every week so that we will reach a goal of 20 lessons each week!! This transfer is going to be amazing.

A quote from Sister LeSueur: "Don't think. Just do. Especially when it comes to the morning schedule."

I also had a lengthy discussion about football this past week. Apparently I'm a Bears fan and can never talk about the Packers again... oops.

People came up to us during and after the Stake Conference this weekend to tell us about people they have that they want us to teach. Our ward mission leaders have been setting up appointments with new investigators. Referrals have shown to be promising investigators. People love members of this Church and want to understand how the Church came to be. 
Miracles every single day.

All right I am out of time for the day. We are heading off to our last zone lunch together! I love you all dearly. The gospel is true, the book is blue, and Heavenly Father always loves you!


Sister Holbrook
 The zone sisters after our temple day Monday! Sisters Poutu, Henriques, Howell, myself, Pratt, Bill, LeSueur, and Horseherder. We were freezing!

Happy Birthday to me!! And Sister Horseherder :)

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