Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Skype Session

Notes from our skype time on Christmas Day:
It was so fun to see Lauren's face! The kids were all goofy – we sang a few songs and laughed a lot!  We learned a few things about her mission as we talked. Their stake used to have elders that covered 2 or 3 stakes.  The sisters began there in May of 2013 and Lauren’s companion (Sister LeSueur) was the first sister there.  I asked her what the best part of being a missionary is and she said all the wonderful people she meets and that she gets to talk about the gospel 24-7.  I feel like she has been blessed to love the people she serves – she thinks everyone is wonderful and sees the good in them.  They have a few female investigators who all are struggling with some health issues, the word of wisdom, and making some significant changes in their lives.  
We asked about iPads or anything like that.  She said there are other missions in the Salt Lake area that are trying that and her mission is waiting to see what kinds of results those missions have.  They did set up an online scheduling system so that members can plan lessons with inactives around the sisters’ schedule.  
They are fed almost every night and share messages with those families.  She says P-Day is nuts because they usually have a district or zone activity, computer time to report to the mission president and email family, laundry, errands, etc.  It doesn’t sound like much of a rest!  
They are responsible for 9 wards so they go to multiple church meetings every Sunday. They also often go on splits on Sundays so a member stays with one of them while the other 2 go somewhere else.  That way they can cover more ground.  
She loves snow so she doesn’t mind shoveling or clearing off the car.  Sister LeSueur drives most of the time except for when she is at meetings and then Lauren drives. I am grateful she has a trainer that sounds like she is motivated and hard-working, who loves missionary work and is willing to share everything she has learned, and has set such a good example for Lauren.  Lauren is excited about all the other sisters in the mission she is spending time with on splits as Sister LeSueur is acting in her training leader position.  It is funny how your children don’t realize how much they learned in your home until they are gone and living on their own – then they suddenly have lots to thank you for!  (Like teaching them how to clean, to make lists, to follow-through, to cooperate, etc.)
Here’s her note in Blair’s email:
“The scriptures are amazing. I don't know how I would get through each day without my personal study time every morning. It's like my battery needs to be recharged every single day so you have the spiritual stamina to bear testimony to everyone you see. I love my study time and it truly has become sacred for me.”

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