Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 48: "My future is so bright I have to wear sunglasses!"

This week's title courtesy of Elder Wilson, one of the senior couples in our district.

We had an incredibly busy week that somehow we were able to manage, thanks to the help of our Heavenly Father. We really struggled getting members to come to lessons and visits with us, which has been a little disheartening because we simply can't handle everything on our own. 

BUT this weekend we had powerful talks from Elder HalesSister Burton, and Elder Oaks about the importance of sharing the gospel to help strengthen our families. 
Everyone's pretty motivated, so we'll see what happens this week!

Follow-up. I've heard absolutely nothing about anyone reading Preach My Gospel or the Book of Mormon or praying or anything. So question - do any of you do anything with the challenges I try to give out each week? If not, please do them. I have seen them bless my life and countless others' lives here in this area. If you have, let me know!!!

Challenge of this week: Go create a mormon.org profile, get a pass-along card, put your name and mormon.org profile URL on there, and start sharing your beliefs with your friends!
That came from President Bennett of our mission presidency.
Do it. Let me know how it goes.

Updates on some people my mom asked about:

Megan has been doing really well! We saw her two weeks ago and haven't caught her since - she's crazy busy with her work schedule. She has been praying daily, and we're working on her scripture study. She loves prayer and being able to feel as though that helps another person when she herself can't really do anything. 

Ben was sick this week. Still working on him recognizing the role of faith in his life.

The Ballenger family has made every moment of my time down here in the Wells Stake completely worth it. We went by for our usual family home evening with them last night. They weren't planning on us coming because it was Stake Conference weekend. Turns out, Sister Ballenger was super sick, and has been for a while, so we found some ward members, and within 10 minutes they were over at the Ballenger's house to give her a blessing. It was a powerful testimony builder to me of the power of the Priesthood, the importance of the members of the Church, and the inspiration that comes through planning each day. I know our Heavenly Father guides us in every aspect of His work!

Ally is doing amazing! She's still with YSA so we just check in every now and then. We are waiting to hear about a baptism day for her!

The rest of what I want to share comes from our Stake Conference this weekend. But my family really only wants stories of people and not insights,  I'll keep it short.
  • We must make daily family prayer, daily family scripture study, and weekly family home evening priorities. These are how we teach children the gospel, help protect them spiritually, and strengthen each other.
  • Doing family history work and then taking the names of family members to the temple is a huge part of hastening the work of salvation!
  • Use mormon.org. Do it.
Interesting facts: 
I know all the good Asian food places in this area. Don't go to Yum Yum if you can go to Ho Ho instead. 
Penny Ann's has the best pancakes in the world.
Pink mustaches are apparently still a thing... oh well. 
Puppies love missionaries but dogs do not. Cats can be slightly insane. 
Sometimes you just have to smile at what people say to you. 
Other times you get to solve problems that really only belong in a dramatic action-packed film, not in real life. 
Scones can be delicious if you don't get too many. 
Asking questions is always better than holding them back. 
When people cancel, you are in that area for a reason still. 
Pizza is fantastic and I miss it. Two Asian companions means lots of Asian food. Mexican food is lovely on occasion. Lime cilantro sauce is the best salad dressing in the world. Filipino food smells really strong.
I have the best family in the entire world. 
Even when your area explodes, you don't have to. 
Faith and prayer and charity is what it all comes down to. 
Daily reading of the Book of Mormon brings an incredible power into our lives. Read it and find out for yourselves that it's true!
Selfies are always a party. 
I never want to stop being a missionary. The idea of reality or "normal life" is a complete make-believe world right now.
Heavenly Father really loves to bless His children. We just have to do what He asks!
Being happy is always the best option.
Sometimes we just want to ditch email time... but I love you all too much :)
Lightning storms can keep you awake all night long.
Companions help you keep your sanity.
Several times a day, we want to just stick it in their brains that if you let Christ into your life, everything gets so much better. But we can't. Agency.
Siblings can be really funny and old letters can make your day.
The same goes for good friends.

That's all I can come up with right now...

We have another baptism this weekend, people haven't run away yet this week, and we had a beautiful morning at the temple. Life is good. The gospel is true! Heavenly Father loves us! He will strengthen us as we ask, act, and obey in faith.

I love you all! Stay fantastic! Remember to smile :)
Sister Holbrook

We were prepared before we came to earth to go out and share the gospel!! Doctrine & Covenants 138:56

General Conference is in FOUR WEEKS!!! Are we prepared to hear messages and testimonies and to receive revelation? Reviewing the promises and applications of this past Conference has been absolutely amazing. I invite you all to do the same.

Adventures with my wonderful companions!

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