Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week (I don't want to count anymore) 37

WOW. You know those weeks when everything goes right and you know you won't be the same because of everything that happened and it's just the best feeling EVER and then you have to send an email to your family to sum it all up and your mind is everywhere and your planner is so completely full of things to share and you only have like 30 minutes left in your email time because you're a missionary and email time is like a thing and so you're a little scatter-brained and trying to figure out how to start off the email and then it just ends up being this long pointless story and paragraph at the start. 
Yep that's what happened.
Also: I forgot my camera cord, so no pictures this week. My bad. I'll repent for next week.
First off, EVERYONE should tune in via Facebook to participate in this broadcast with David Archuleta. There will be two - one in Spanish and one in English. It will be an amazing opportunity to hear the testimony of a recently returned missionary and to share the gospel with all those around us, especially for the youth!!
Now, on to the good stuff.
Quotes and fascinating thoughts from Zone Conference that you're going to love:
  • "SSCUF 'til you drop." -President Hansen
  • The EFY Medley sung by a small army of missionaries is one of the most powerful experiences. Heavenly Father truly is on our side!
  • 2 Timothy 1:7-8 "I wish every member of this Church would put those words where he might see them every morning as he begins his day. They would give us courage to speak up, they would give us strength to try, they would strengthen our conviction of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe miracles would happen." -President Gordon B. Hinckley. AMAZING scripture and incredible powerful quote.
  • We desperately need the help of every single member of this Church. We cannot do this work effectively on our own, and we will not be able to move forward at an increasingly faster rate if we do not work hand in hand with each other.
  • Strive to emulate the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the army of Helaman.
  • We must first live the principle of repentance in our own lives before we can help others to come to Christ and apply the Atonement in their lives. see Moroni 8:24-25
  • Every part of missionary work must work together - planning, finding, baptizing, reactivation, teaching, etc. The same principle is true with all of the gospel! As we all work together to improve in one area to become more like the Savior, we cannot help but progress in others as well.
  • Watch The District. Do it. Great mission preparation in applying the principles of Preach My Gospel.
  • BE EXCITED!!! This is the gospel! This is the greatest gift we have to share!! What greater work could we be involved in?! I love being a missionary, and I hope the excitement I have for this work will continue to be contagious.
  • Believe in the promises of the Lord. Believe He will answer your investigators' prayers. Believe He will help you. Believe that He is by your side. 
I love the lyrics of this sweet Primary song:
Whenever I hear the song of a bird, or look at the blue, blue sky. Whenever I touch a velvet rose, or walk by a lilac tree, I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world, Heavenly Father created for me.
Our Heavenly Father does love us, and He always wants to bless us! I love having the gospel in my life, and I want others to be able to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in their lives as well.
Finally, a talk I read this week called The Fourth Missionary was basically a turning point in my mission and probably my life. And there are a lot of deep thoughts that I won't go into too much. 
Basically, it comes back to covenants and choosing to give our whole hearts to the Lord. To serve with our heart and mind as well as our strength. To put aside our own desires and to always put the Lord's will, work, and ways above our own. To always remember the promises we made at baptism and when we take the sacrament and when we go to the temple. To give even more than our best as we rely on Him and His power.
Like I said, lots of deep thoughts. But don't take it from me - go read the scriptures :)
Omni 1:26 is an amazing scripture, too.
And this quote: "Life is hard, NOT the gospel." That's from the talk. Read it.
Finally, the fantastically hilarious quote of the week goes to Ally.
After explaining the principle of the olive tree and the gathering and scattering of Israel (if you want the whole explanation, talk to my family or search per her request, we explained how it meant that she was being gathered in to the olive tree of the House of Israel. To which she replied: 
"Thanks for attaching me to the tree then!"
Love her so much.
Sorry this is more of a thoughts email than miracles and events.
I love you all more than you know. This gospel is true! Our Heavenly Father's plan is a plan of happiness. I know that through obedience to His commandments, we will experience true joy in this life and in eternity. I know that the Holy Ghost is real, and that as we listen to the promptings we receive and act in faith, miracles happen.
I LOVE YOU!!! Remember to smile :)
Sister Holbrook

THIS talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks is incredible. All about the priorities we need to have. AMAZING.

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