Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 31: Preach My Gospel

It was so fun to skype with Lauren.  Her face is full of joy and light and she is soooo happy as a missionary.  I asked her if she ever gets discouraged and she said “there isn’t time for that – there is so much to do.”  Her trio consists of Sister Bill from Canada, who has been out a year and Sister Tucker from North Carolina, who has been there a few weeks.  Sister Bill’s native language is French and she uses lots of hand movements and facial expressions when she talks which Lauren has caught onto.  Lauren was hilarious when she would randomly make hand gestures to explain something.  Megan would say wait do that again and we all would laugh.  Their study time in the mornings is personal study, then companionship study, then the 12 week study for Sister Tucker, then language study for Sister Bill.  So they are having LOTS of study time.  Lauren expects that next week a 4thsister will be added and then they will split up again.  There are 7 wards in their stake, a retirement branch, and a Spanish branch.  On Sundays they split and each goes with a sister member so that they can cover more wards.  The North part of the stake has been “neglected” and is excited to have motivated sister missionaries to work with them.

They have 3 investigators right now – a couple who has come to church a few times and another lady who is enjoying learning about the Book of Mormon.

They work with a lot of less-actives there and basically teach them the same things they would teach new investigators.  They set temple goals so that someone who is baptized gets on Family Search within 2 weeks, then takes those names to the temple 2 weeks after that.  She gave us the quick lesson on how she introduces the Book of Mormon.  She is such a gifted teacher.  We apparently should all get copies of the 2013 edition with the pictures in the front – the pictures introduce it all step by step. 
Megan and Nathan comment that she only wants to talk about the gospel and teaching, which is true.  It just shows me that she has immersed herself in missionary work and that is all that is on her mind. Which is what she is supposed to be doing!

She is in what I would term a scary part of town.  I try not to worry and pray daily that she will be protected. I asked if she feels safe. She said “Yes. We don't go contact people at night. But thankfully it's light until about 8:30 now. And we have a car. So it's a lot better. And Sister Bill says she's really good at kicking stuff :) So yeah, we feel safe for the most part.“

Her quote for this week was cute - "We don't raise couch potatoes, we raise future missionaries." From
one of the service missionaries :)

The nurses from the hospital called on Tuesday to report on Lauren’s annual.  This is where they do a cath through her leg and look at her coronary arteries and take tiny samples of her heart tissue to see if there is any rejection.  The report was fabulous – coronaries are nice and clear and biopsy is basically perfect.  That news is always such a relief to hear. 

So, there is the report.  We have to wait until Christmas to see her cute face – that is 7 months!



Well today is gorgeous outside. And it's not too hot. And there are mountains. And I'm finally NOT coughing!! oh, and I'm a missionary :) So life is pretty fantastic today and I hope you all can catch the spirit! Because life is a beautiful thing and it's such a blessing to be able to experience everything we do each day! The gospel is true and it brings so much perspective to life!

Yes, I'm happy today :)

First off, Happy Mother's Day to not just my own mom, but to all of those women who have led, taught, and guided me and been incredible examples for me to follow. I love each one of you so so much! Mom, you're the best. And I love you so much!

My annual biopsy was this week and all is well!! I've never been healthier and I'm enjoying every single second of it. 

It was a BLAST talking to my family yesterday! Basically, I have the best family ever. And it was so fun to see all of your cute faces and see how tall Nathan is now (sorry Megan) :) I LOVE that because of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, our families can be together forever. What an incredible blessing that we will be an eternal, forever family as long as we keep the promises we have made to our Heavenly Father. 

This morning as I was studying in chapter 2, I read Doctrine & Covenants 88:118 which says that we are to seek out of the best books words of wisdom and seek learning by study and faith. BUT what stood out to me today was actually in the first few lines - the WHY of learning and studying. "And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom." 

We are to study and learn as much about the gospel as we can, but not for ourselves. We build up our own testimonies and knowledge and understanding so that we can then go forth and help others build their faith. When we know and understand the doctrine, we will be able to teach it simply and according to how people need to be taught to build their faith. 

And then I was reading on page 18 of Preach My Gospel, there's a study activity where it asks, "What influence did [Joseph Smith's] study have on future generations?" Think about that. Because Joseph Smith was studying the Bible, seeking for answers, and later on when he was translating and studying the Book of Mormon looking for guidance, look at what we have today: the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow. Think about the effect that our studies and our going forth to share those studies can have on others?! 

My personal study time will forever be a daily priority. I would not be able to have the spiritual and physical stamina for this work without the help of the Spirit and the guidance and revelation given during those morning study hours. That time I have each morning to study and listen is sacred for me, and I love continually learning about the gospel. This is a restoration of questions, and I love finding new questions to ponder and go into the scriptures with. I love receiving revelation and discovering even more questions. It's a wonderful process that really allows us to learn and to follow the Spirit in that learning process.

I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I love my family! I am so grateful for this restored gospel that makes not only this life an incredible joy, but also the possibility of eternal happiness in the life to come. Family - you're the best. Keep being awesome :)

Remember to smile and look for the little miracles in every single day!

Sister Holbrook

Me and Sister Taylor at the hospital for my annual biopsy. Everything checks out splendidly!! As in I've never been healthier :)

Me and my sweet, wonderful, fantastic, hilarious family who I love a whole lot!

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