Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 27: I haven't even known you for a week...

This has been a week for the history books.
Seriously. Last Monday feels like a century ago.
There is so much to share, so many events and thoughts and people. I'm not entirely sure where to begin. So we'll just start with the information my mom asked for :)

Monday I found out I was being transferred, so we did some errands and then it was off to pack and go to two zone activities and a district activity and saying goodbyes to all of my Mueller Park people. Oh how I miss them all, BUT the new area is wonderful, too.

Tuesday we got everything finished up, then off to the transfer building. Got Sister Juarez and Sister Fluegel together, then it was off to the new missionary training meeting. Had some trainings and lunch, and then I found out my new companion is Sister Tucker from North Carolina who came pre-trained. So excited :) She just knows how to do missionary work because she went out with the sister missionaries a lot back home, so she knows how to work.

We got our car, packed up everything, and headed to our new apartment which the Elders had left a disaster. Most of the day was spent unpacking, tracking down some TP, and doing some major cleaning. On our way to Walmart, we got a phone call and found out that we had a baptismal interview that night (what?!) and we were late... so we went right over to meet Lisa and we had an awesome lesson with her!! Then we met our ward mission leader. He had lost a lot of hope in his ward in seeing missionary success there, and as we were talking and committed to go out and do the work he asked us to do, you could see the missionary fire just light up his face again. Love that family.

The rest of the week has been a blur of meeting with leadership, finding people, cleaning, unpacking, talking to more people, following up, planning what we can, and more.

We are in the north half of the Wells Stake - Sister Bill and Sister Hansen cover the south half, and Elder Flores and Elder Farias cover the whole stake for Spanish speaking. That's our whole district. I love it - we're already a family and just have a blast together! We live in a four-plex house of sorts. Our apartment isn't that big, but it's cleaner now :) We have our own apartment. The other sisters live right below us in the same building. The Elders live a block away. President Hansen didn't really tell us much about the area - actually, he told me nothing. But I love it with all my heart :) It is so different from Bountiful, but I am so grateful to be here. If you want to stalk the area on Google maps, go through the LDS maps. It goes from about 1700 S to 1300 S and then from 700 E (mission border... haha) to just past I-15. Small and awesome.

We've had so many people tell us they are so grateful to have sisters in the area. These wards have had Elders the past several years, and a few of the wards haven't had a baptism in over 4 years. We're totally changing that. Right now, we just love the area, do what our ward mission leaders tell us to do, and everyone just adores us already.

Last logistical thing: just send mail to the mission office. Don't worry about sending anything to me directly. 1535 S Edison St. Salt Lake City, UT 84115. It's in my area anyway :)
Physically I am feeling great! My foot's been super swollen the past little while, but otherwise I'm good :)

I love you all! The gospel is true! Remember to smile in all you do. Go forth in faith.
And don't forget to do all those awesome things we were asked to do during Conference.

Sister Holbrook

Totally forgot to mention... We had two baptisms on Saturday!!!! I went back to Mueller Park for Autum's baptism. This sweet 9 year old girl and her family have been coming back to Church and been reading and praying every single day. I am so excited for them to continue progressing in the gospel.
We had a baptism in our area as well for Lisa. She is incredible. Life has thrown every possible challenge at her, and yet she is staying true to what she knows is right. Attending her baptism was a privilege that I will never forget.

It's really hard to say goodbye when you can't give hugs :)

Only in Utah will you find a BYU - Utah colored hydrant :)

Happy to be a missionary

Going to General Conference

(We have nothing to say about this, we just find it hilarious)

Happy to be in the snow

The flowers at Temple Square

The district in Bountiful

Me and Sister Tucker, a brand new missionary from North Carolina who is so ready to be a missionary!!!

The apartment when we arrived ...

On a street in our area

Autum, Sister Madrid, and myself :) I LOVE this family so much.

With Sister Fluegel and Sister Juarez - I am leaving Mueller Park in good hands :)

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