Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 25: Conference Season!

What a week. We're taking this one day by day. Thankfully, I'm a fast typer so I should get it all in before we have to head out for haircuts! #pdaycraziness

Went to this AMAZING Church history museum that is privately owned and the owner loves missionaries so she gave us this amazing tour. I had the opportunity to see some incredible artifacts, including uncut sheets of the Book of Mormon, several old organs, an altar from the Salt Lake Temple, etc. I also had the incredible opportunity not only to see but to also play the original box organ that William Clayton brought across the plains and wrote "Come Come Ye Saints" on. I am so blessed. 

Spent three hours updating the area book, progress records, teaching records, referral information, and more. It was ridiculously busy. But we found some awesome Mormon Messages for you all to watch!!
The Life of President Thomas S. Monson (hour long and totally worth it)
Christlike Attributes. So powerful.

We did also visit a few less active members and had a great visit with one of them discussing different pranks we could pull on others. Looking forward to testing them out... after the mission life :)

Visited a few other less active and very active members. Practiced the musical number for zone conference (see Friday). The laurels fed us a second dinner (almost as delicious as second breakfast) and we had some awesome visits with ward mission leaders.

Planning, lunches with some sisters in the Stake (yes, we had two - I have never eaten so much in my life as the past week), read the Book of Mormon with one of our investigators, had our new investigator drop us in the first lesson, awesome dinner with some crazy kids, practiced music for zone conference, and had everyone cancel on us. 

ZONE CONFERENCE!! I'm such a nerd - I love meetings. I love learning and listening and growing from other people's experiences and perspectives. This zone conference was absolutely amazing. We went from 8:30 until 4:30. And it was AWESOME. I accompanied "Homeward Bound" for our zone musical number and was in charge of prelude, postlude, and the rest of the music for the meeting. It's a good time when your mission president knows you play piano :)

Some highlights from zone conference:
Study the pamphlets. Seriously, get some from your local missionaries and study them. They are absolutely amazing.
Have the faith to find and invited people constantly!
Be excited about the Book of Mormon! It is such an incredible book, and that enthusiasm should carry to everyone!!!
Be creative in missionary work. There's not just one way for every single person.
The Atonement is at the center.
Focus on the simple doctrines of the gospel. Don't get caught up in the details. 
Watch the District. LOVE it. And it really does help in becoming better missionaries as you apply the principles.

As a missionary, holidays are basically the worst times of the year. Why? Because EVERYONE and their dog and their cat and six kids leave for a week. So basically, no one was home, our appointments cancelled, and we had very few people to visit. Granted, we probably could have tried harder to find people. But it was still rough. But we enjoyed a lovely dinner on our own after a neighboring area's baptism, then we went to the.... 

General Women Meeting!!! 
Like I said, I LOVE meetings :) I was in tears basically the entire meeting. So powerful. If you are a woman and love Christ, you need to watch this broadcast. Plus when President Eyring spoke, I had this whole new appreciation for the people he was talking about. When he talked about the youth here who go to the temple, what he didn't share is that the temple had to start opening almost an hour earlier at 4:30 in the morning to accommodate all the youth from this stake going to do baptisms. I love this stake a lot :)

Our usually busiest day was quite low-key as our regular appointments ALL cancelled. BUT we had a great visit with our high councilman, enjoyed six inches of snow, took some ridiculous pictures, shoveled ourselves out of the snow twice (hooray for front wheel drive in the mountains), and went to Church meetings from 9 to 4. I love the mission life :)

Well, I love you all lots! Hope this email doesn't totally overwhelm you and finds you all doing fabulously!! The gospel is true! Our Heavenly Father loves each one of you!!

Sister Holbrook

Transfers are next week, so you might want to hold off sending to the Bountiful address. The mission address is 1535 S Edison St Salt Lake City, UT 84115.

No pictures attached this week, but not because I have nothing. This computer doesn't have the right plug in for it... sad face. Guess you'll just have to wait until next week!

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