Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 8: An Angel in Sweatpants and Transfers

Hello Family!
Crazy things happening this week.
First off, CONGRATULATIONS MarLeice and Mike! So fun to run into you at the temple :)
MIRACLE of the week:
We received a referral of a nonmember, had a lesson with her, and she committed to be baptized on CHRISTMAS DAY! It's going to be a white Christmas here in Bountiful. Such miracles. She is so prepared and just an amazing sister. 
This week seriously FLEW by but it also seemed to last for eternity. 
The best news: I am staying in Mueller Park with Sister LeSueur!!! We will be getting a new missionary sometime tomorrow and Sister LeSueur will be training while I get to observe. It's going to be an incredible transfer!
Plus, I get to be in this gorgeous place for Christmas and my birthday. So excited!!
I had an AMAZING study session about Ammon in Alma 17-18. Read it looking for the symbolism of Christ. So incredible.
We went and sang at a nursing home, and I was talking about Christ with this cute old lady. In her words: "Jesus was a nice one." She also wanted to know how many kids I have... 
Each transfer, I've decided to pick a theme to write at the top of each day in my planner. Last transfer's theme was "Open Your Mouth and Testify." This transfer's theme is "How have I seen the hand of God today?"
Sister George is in charge of the POW group - the poor old widows - for the ward. They're fantastic!
Something I totally forgot to tell you: last week when President Eyring bore his testimony, he used his smart phone to read a scripture. So cool. 
Contacting people here is a very interesting experience. Everyone knows who missionaries are and what they do. So you just have to LOVE them until they trust you!! It makes for some interesting contacts :)
Alma 17:3 This is how I want EVERY REUNION with any friend or family member to be!! 
You need to BE a Missionary, not just go on a mission. So start preparing by being a missionary now! Or you can be like me and just be an awkward missionary even before you get to the field... 
THANKSGIVING was the best. We had two dinner appointments, and then another family stuffed us with dessert. So. Much. Food. But it was all great, and we all helped each other eat reasonable amounts so we weren't too terribly sick. After all the food, we took an adventure to look out over the valley, then we went to a zone activity for laser tagging and bowling where we all just got into it and burned off everything from the day. It was the greatest! 
Wednesday I had a sick day, and so did Sister Henriques, so we spent the evening together catching up on letters and journaling and talking about mission life. Love her so much! And so glad we'll still be in the same zone :)
This transfer, we are becoming more effective planners. Which hopefully means you will all be getting more cohesive emails about life in the mission field :)
This work is all about love. I am completely blown away by how much our Heavenly Father loves each one of us individually. 
November 26th was a very special day. It was Sister Beeton's birthday and marked six years since my third heart transplant!! I am so very thankful to be on this earth at this time in history. I am incredibly grateful to be able to be doing the work I am doing now. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father, for His plan for me, and for His gospel!
I love you all! Stay amazing, and keep smiling!
Sister Holbrook
The District 

Thanksgiving Dinner 

Laser Tag Zone Activity 

Ran into MarLeice at her wedding! 


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