Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 6: Back to the Basics

From Renee - Lauren just goes around lighting up the world.  Last week I received a phone call from a woman who had just served Lauren and her companions dinner.  She said “your daughter is beautiful and was so delightful and so fun to talk to.  Thanks for sharing her with us.”  Then today I got a letter from another woman who had sat in on a discussion with the sisters, had them participate in a Relief Society day of service activity, and heard her bear her testimony.  She wrote “She looks very happy and it is obvious she loves the Gospel.  Her manner is gentle, calm and peaceful.  She seems like she has been doing this forever!  It just seems to come so naturally for her.  Thanks for sending such a sweet girl to us.”  I am grateful that people take the time to let us know she is doing well and making a difference. 
In her hand-written letter, Lauren talked of the 12 week study program they have so she can finish learning how to be a missionary.  Since their time is shorter in the MTC, their first companions finish training them.  This is in addition to their personal study and companionship study time.  They seem to find opportunities for service – this week they took dead grapevines off a neighbor’s fence. 
Six years ago, this week, Lauren had her third heart transplant. It is such a miracle that she is able to do this!!!!!
Lauren's Letter:
I have literally ZERO time this week.
We had a Sisters' P-day which was just a blast! We went and took a Church history tour (which you all should do at some point) and then had lunch and just hung out at the mission home for a bit. So much fun! 
BUT it took out most of our day... and I had to go to the hospital this morning so that eliminated time, too. Don't worry - everything looks fantastic and it was a regular check up :) No visits until February! It was an adventure for my companions for sure, though haha

THANK YOU for letters Brooke C and Greg and Wendy and family!! Sister Eyre your early package was much appreciated :)
Just a few thoughts:
"On your knees or on your feet, but never ever on your seat." words of wisdom courtesy of Sister George :)
"There's nothing tall about you dear. You're short." another great quote from Sis. George. Love her.
Strive to see everyone three times in white: at baptism, in the temple, and after this life. See them as Heavenly Father sees them!
Be nice to your missionaries, even if they are Elders! We Sister missionaries are amazing, BUT SO ARE ELDERS. Be nice to your Elders because they need some love as well. Let's try to get rid of this attitude that Sisters are way better, because we're not. The Elders are just as powerful!
Look up a Sister Sarah Ralph who is serving in the Philippines. Her mom posted on a missionary blog her story of surviving the typhoon. Keep those incredible people in your prayers. As well as those missionaries!! I am so blessed to be here in this beautiful place, safely tucked into the mountains. We have been counting our blessings quite a bit these past few days.
Friday was a spiritually exhausting and uplifting day - we were able to spend three hours with Elder Bednar! He came to speak to our entire mission and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Just a few key points to highlight (I wish I could share a million times more but that will wait for next week):
- "We can only teach what you are prepared to receive." For two weeks before Elder Bednar came, we had been studying three or four of his talks as a mission during our personal study. Speaking of which, read "Ask in Faith" from General Conference a few years back. Amazing talk about acting in faith. That preparation helped us to truly have our hearts open to receive revelation and listen to what the Spirit taught us through Elder Bednar. My challenge to you all: prepare for your Sunday meetings, for Conference, etc. It makes a huge difference!
- The Lord sees you both today and in thirty years at the same time. Here's the direct quote: "The Lord sees you as a man and woman, sealed in the temple, happy at home." It's that simple. Heavenly Father wants us to be HAPPY for eternity!! And He has provided a way for us to attain that through the gospel of Jesus Christ!
- Everything we do should be done as though we are acting for Christ. As members of the Church we promise we are willing to take His name upon us; therefore, each action we take must be done as He would. That thought made me want to consider everything I do and say as though Christ were standing right with me.
- Look for the hand of God in all things. He is there, guiding and helping us. And He blesses us with a beautiful sunset every night and a glorious sunrise in the morning :)
One thing that stood out to me this week is how simple this gospel truly is. As a missionary, we teach the basics: faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. It is that simple! And these simple principles are the guiding principles for our entire lives. The basics are what help us to gain our testimonies and become truly converted unto the Lord. 
Keep up the great work with all of the challenges I keep giving to all of you!!! I want to hear all about the great missionary miracles that are happening wherever you are!
This gospel is true! Our Savior lives! How blessed we are! I love this gospel!

Sister Lauren Holbrook
D&C 78:17-18
1 Nephi 14:14
The best missionary scripture EVER: Alma 8:19
Bountiful Temple - GORGEOUS!!! 
Companions at a Zone lunch 
With Sister Beeton 
The BEAUTIFUL Mountains 
Temple with the mountains 
Hospital Visit - YAY!!!!!
Church History Tour 
Sister Hansen is the greatest!! 
With Sister Fluegel
With Sister Jacobson (from her MTC zone)
With Sister LeSueur 
Companions at the hospital

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