Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 2: The End of the MTC Already?

This email is much less cryptic than the first email we received from Lauren. :)
Hello my dear friends and family!

We received permission from our Zone Leaders for me to send out a quick message to you all today. Monday I'll have more time to email, so I just had a few things to talk about this time.
THANK YOU to Jen and to Sister Eyre for the AWESOME packages!! The district also loved the treats :)
Mom I received your DearElder and hopefully I'll be able to respond to that on Monday.
Dad - can you send me the Joseph Holbrook conversion story with the Book of Mormon? And maybe a few Wisps and toothbrushes for companions. Thanks!
The new address here is:
2008 N 1200 E
Bountiful, UT 84010
We're living with this awesome older sister, Sister George, who LOVES chocolate and her kids. (Side note for family: If you have a fun Hershey gift on hand to send her way, that would be awesome!)
My new companions are Sister LeSueur and Sister Beeton. I'm in a TRIO!! WOO HOO!! It's the greatest. And Bountiful is just heaven on earth. We're over the Mueller Park Stake here. We have been crazy busy for the last two days I've been here, and today is no different.
Guess who lives in our stake??
And we definitely saw their houses yesterday. This is going to be a good time :)

Oh, Sister Oscarson taught Relief Society two weeks ago - first Sunday at the MTC. Totally forgot about that one.  It was FANTASTIC!
We got off the train at Murray to be dropped off, and I hear someone call out "SISTER HOLBROOK!!" Guess who was there?! Elder Sam Williams!!! And then at training yesterday, I talked with Elder Brandon Colton for a while. Craziness! The Provo 119th Ward is taking Salt Lake by storm. Watch out everyone.
(Nathan - can you tag Elder Colton and Elder Williams in the post on facebook? Thanks!)
All right. There's about all the details for the field I'll give right now. Enjoy the two pictures I attached - new companions and then Elder Colton and Elder Williams agreed to a picture... sort of haha
The last night at the MTC was bittersweet. The Elders gave each of us Sisters in the district blessings. We all received Hawaiian names, courtesy of Elder Clark :) And we had a testimony meeting. So powerful. I miss each one of them SO MUCH.
All right, we have to head out. How's Zachary doing? How are all the family members? How's BYU treating everyone?

I love you all so so much! Keep smiling, and look for missionary opportunites!

Sister Holbrook

PS I'll send temple pictures on Monday!


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