Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 1: More Details

The Final Days in pictures

Packing up :( 

All ready 

Before getting set apart as a missionary :) 

 The drive in

The final shot

Here are some excerpts from Lauren's handwritten letters that give us a lot more information on her experiences in the MTC.

Hi Mom and Dad!!                                                                                                               Wed Oct 9th
Basically, the MTC is the greatest place on the planet.  I’m at the West campus, so I’m living in Building 25 of Wyview apartments and classroom time is over at Raintree.  After Dad, Rachel and Courtney dropped me off at the curb, I walked with this cute sister to some building where I got a packet, had my nametag (AHHHH!) put on, got an ID card and schedule, then met up with my sister host.  Since I was going to Wyview, she handed me over to an elder who took my luggage to a truck.  I got on a bus and chatted with a new sister going to Seattle.  All the newbies have a red sticker on their nametag which we affectionately call the “dork dot.” Then another sister host got my bags with me, walked me to my apartment, had me grab my scriptures and then it was off to the classroom to meet my district.  My classroom is just the back bedroom of a basement apartment.  So much fun – the closet doors are covered in mirrors, which makes for some funny moments.  My district is amazing!
We have 4 elders and 4 sisters in our district – they are from Hawaii, Portland-Or, North Carolina, Michigan, Maui, Orlando and Ohio.  So, we got to know the district members, had some gym orientation and then boarded a bus to a chapel for the MTC Presidency welcome.  Then to dinner and then another bus back to the chapel for our group teaching experience.  We had a group of 70 missionaries and went to 3 rooms – which were the “homes” of potential investigators. It was such a neat experience to just watch and listen (I opted out for observation this time) to the elders and sisters who chose to teach even on their 1st day at the MTC.  We are truly teaching people not lessons. We took a bus back, met our zone leaders and sister training leaders, then just had a bit of time to unpack, journal, write and go to bed.  Crazy day and I’m still in shock that I’m actually here.
                                                                                                                                           Thurs Oct 10th
There is lots of time for personal study and classroom instruction – like 8 hours.  It all takes place in our tiny classroom.  That little room is heaven on earth.  We had an MTC overview, People and Purpose Workshop and meetings with the Branch Presidency. 
I love the MTC – it is essentially EFY on super steroids, except we’re running our personal EFY.  It is the greatest feeling in the world to ask for guidance and then as you study, find exactly what you were needing.  Anytime we plan a lesson, we consider what we want the investigator to KNOW, FEEL and Do because of the lesson.   I love being here and I am so thankful to be here right now.  I know this is where Heavenly Father needs me to be.  I know Heavenly Father loves each of us perfectly.  He sees us for who and what we can become.  I’ve been able to catch a small glimpse of that vision just in the short time I’ve been here.  The Book of Mormon is true. 
I miss you SO MUCH!!  I love you tons too.

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