Monday, September 30, 2013

taking care of business

Hello to my wonderful blog readers!

I've hit the single digits and have only 9 DAYS left before I head off to the MTC!!! 

Now there's some business to take care of. 

And if you could respond in a timely fashion, that would be just lovely.

Numero 1. 

If you would prefer EMAIL updates, please send me an email, or comment on this post. I moderate all comments, so no one will see your email if you choose to comment on the post.

Email updates means you will receive my general weekly email in your inbox every Monday afternoon. 
Little brother will be in charge of sending those out, and I need to get that list together for him ASAP.

Option 2. 

If you want to be the silent stalker who wants BLOG updates, little brother will also be posting those updates every Monday while I'm gone. 
You can also subscribe for the blog posts to be sent to your email inbox over on the right sidebar.
Little brother will post the link on facebook every week as well. 

Or just add it to your favorites now:
I mean, you're already reading it, so good for you.

Finally, number 3. 

If you want to WRITE me, [and all of you had better do so at some point] that information is here on the blog. 
Just click that lovely "WRITE ME" box up above. 
Or click right HERE

PLEASE send letters, packages, etc. to the mission home address. 
My current address will change every six weeks, and while that will be posted, sending mail to the mission home will ensure that it gets to me. 
So be cool and use the mission address.


You can email me, BUT I don't have a ton of email time. If you DO choose to email me, please include your addressat the bottom of the email so I can at least respond via letter. 

That being said, letters are the preferred method of communication because I can read and respond whenever.

I fully expect engagement pictures, wedding pictures, baby pictures, and basically any pictures are great. And just updates on life in general!! And missionary moments, of course. 

If you write, I'll respond. Promise.

I love you all. A lot. 

Hope you have a Monday that is just as lovely as you are.

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